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Copy the code for any color that appears on your screen


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Sometimes you need to know the code for a certain color – for example, the background color of a forum where you want to put invisible letters. The problem is that you need an external program like Photoshop to get the HTML code, meaning you have to take a screenshot and go through a long process.

With Plastiliq PixelPicker all that is reduced to a couple of seconds, since you'll be able to get the code of any color that appears on your monitor in both HTML or RGB, ARGB, BGR, BGRA, CMYK, HSL, HSV/HSB, Hexadecimal, Hexadecimal Alpha, Decima, and Decimal Alpha.

It's as easy to use as a left-clicking on the program window and dragging it to the part of the screen you want to capture. You can zoom in or out with the mouse wheel.

Once you see the image you want in the program window, just click on the pixel of the right color and you'll automatically get its code. If you click on the box of color, the code you've selected will automatically be copied to the clipboard.

Also, the program can be minimized to the system tray. You can access it at any time by clicking its icon or assigning it a keyboard shortcut, making things even easier.

Plastiliq PixelPicker is a very practical, completely free option for getting color codes without any difficulties.
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